Joseph Robertson

Senior Vice President & COO


As Senior Vice President & COO of The Larkin Group, Joseph Robertson cultivates relationships with both clients and employees to effectively implement operational processes.

Joseph oversees the operations team and supports the growth and development team. His operational support of the mid-sized companies within the umbrella of The Larkin Group ensures the company as a whole is able to seamlessly provide expert consultation services.

Joseph is passionate about the challenges and opportunities of working with new clients and new projects at The Larkin Group. His drive to provide an impactful healthcare delivery model fuels his leadership style.

Joseph’s expertise developed during his time at CHI St. Luke’s Health, where he spent 11 years working in operations for the hospital emergency departments and freestanding emergency centers. He also has eight years of experience in other leadership roles at the hospital.

Joseph has over 17 years of experience in the operations and development of freestanding emergency centers, both hospital and non-hospital. He brings this expertise to his role of planning, designing, and implementing freestanding facility projects on our leadership team. His past experience in healthcare administration and leadership roles includes long-term care, as well as hospital department operations.

Specialty Areas

  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Free Standing Emergency Centers
  • Operations, Day-to-Day
  • Staff Growth and Development
  • Patient Flow
  • Operational Support
  • Functional Design of Freestanding Emergency Centers