Connie Ran

Vice President of Operations, Texas Division


Connie Ran is the Vice President of Operations, Texas Division. Essentially trained as a jack of all trades, she primarily focuses on alignment, execution, and integration of the strategic goals of both The Larkin Group and her clients.

Connie is known for her reliability and genuine interest in the success of her clients. She is passionate about problem-solving and promoting development through strategic goal alignment.

Connie enjoys working with physicians, as they are a vital part of our company growth. She believes the more we align our goals with physician interests, the stronger we grow as a valuable partner.

She thrives on the dynamic nature of her job and the flexibility to promote and implement ideas. Offering autonomy and fulfillment, The Larkin Group gives her the opportunity to learn something new every day and cultivate her skills.

Connie received her Bachelors in Biological Sciences and Business Administration and her Masters in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University.

Specialty Areas

  • Physician Relations
  • Practice Management
  • Ambulatory Management
  • Operations Alignment